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Over the past two decades, we’ve accumulated hundreds of letters from grateful homeowners thanking us for outstanding service. And we’d love the opportunity to show you that we’re the best plumbing service in Brevard County.

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​Larry Walker saved me again. Hot water heater started leaking, but Larry came out within an hour, shut the water off, and saved the paintings in my garage. I know I am not supposed to keep them on the floor, but it was only for a day until I could get them up on to the shelves. They introduced me to the concept of “tankless hot water” and that to me was cooler than sliced bread. Mounted outside of the garage, now no more worries about busted hot water heaters. Tried all the hot water spigots at once, and I was amazed how much hot water this thing can produce! It doesn’t run out like tanks do. The wife and daughters are going to love this. While they were here, I had them replace a kitchen faucet and a couple of shower heads too. These guys are amazing. Best plumbers in Brevard County. Highly recommend.
–M. Grey, Viera FL

My sink was not draining and I tried everything I could think of to fix it myself…. couldn’t figure it out so called up walker plumbing and Larry came out and had it fixed in 15 mins… would highly recommend walker plumbing if you looking for quick and efficient work.
–R. Gilham, Melbourne FL

Larry was a huge help in setting up a massive 500 gallon salt water tank at a local spa. He has a tremendous amount of knowhow and experience in running leak-free pipes and installing RO systems, even in hard to get places. I wouldn’t trust my installations with anyone else. Prices are fair, there’s always someone coming out quickly when I need them. Great service.
–J. Aqua, Aquatic Start

One of our kids was experimenting with our toilets. Apparently, she was amazed at how things mysteriously disappeared when you put them in the toilet. Of course, we didn’t know this until Walker fished them out, after we found a terrible mess on our floor. They showed us how to turn the water off at the toilet, and also found our main shut off which was buried under our grass. We had them take a look at our flaky tankless hot water heater, and they did some tweaking there too.  Friendly, fast and professional service.
–C. Graudins, Suntree

Call the professionals at Walker Plumbing today at 321-652-0149 for more information about our Melbourne, Florida based drain cleaning and plumbing services.​

Serving Brevard County plumbing needs for over 20 years, Walker Plumbing is proud to be a family owned and operated small business. Our entire team guarantees you’ll be satisfied with our plumbing services. Plus, we make sure our plumbing services are done right the first time, which will save you money in the long run. We realize things happen, and that’s why Walker Plumbing makes warranty calls a priority. Our plumbing company promises:

Flat rates
Licensed technicians
Fully-stocked service vans
Proven solutions using the latest technology
Free estimates on select services

Call the professionals at Walker Plumbing at 321-652-0149 for more information about our Melbourne, Florida based drain cleaning and plumbing services.